Enterprise Risk & Controls Framework

  • Preparation of Risk Management Framework
  • Review of Risk Management Framework
  • Preparation and review of risk management policies
  • Setting up of Risk Appetite
  • Streamlining three lines of defense model

Virtual CRO Services

  • CRO Services on Demand
  • Review and challenge work
  • Preparation of independent CRO report
  • Attending Risk Management Committee
  • Coaching to young CROs
  • Providing resources to Risk team

Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Helping business in any regulatory compliance services
  • Compliance Audit
  • Resourcing for Compliance

Operational Risk Management

  • Preparation and application of Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)
  • Risk Appetite Setting
  • Setting up of Risk register
  • Loss analysis

Actuarial Services

  • Analysis of Insurance and Financial risk
  • Review of model and actuarial assumption
  • Product review