Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Services (VA/PT)

VAPT Audit Services

VAPT is a term used to describe security testing that can identify all cyber security vulnerabilities. This can include web security testing and assessment services, network security testing and assessment and mobile / api security testing and assessment. The full form of VAPT is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

So what does Penetration Testing mean in context of VAPT ?

Penetration Testing is the process to check for exploitative vulnerabilities through investigative as well as simulated means. This can be done manually or using Pen Testing tools which may even simulate cyber attacks in a controlled manner to check for network and system exploits.

Penetration testing can also help prioritize and rate the various flaws and exploits present in a system.

VAPT Audit Services | Penetration Testing Services

What we offer: We offer a range of Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services including performing VAPT Audits, providing cyber security recommendations , Network VAPT and penetration testing services for systems and the whole network. We have a range of Pen Testing tools and experienced cyber security professionals to offer these services.
Whether it is your internal system or applications used by clients, VAPT Audit Services or Penetration Testing are now crucial to operate with peace of mind for your company.


  • Secure corporate networks and applications and prevent security breach.
  • Prevent hacking attacks and information loss from applications or networks.
  • Protest data integrity, avoid DDOS attacks, maintain network securities.
  • Maintain reputation and credibility amongst clients who use your websites or applications.
  • Obtain essential compliance and certifications for growth.

Service Focus

  • VAPT Audit
  • Penetration Testing or PEN Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Network VAPT | Penetration Testing

Sometimes investigations and audits reveal that the network rather than different systems may be the root cause of vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. In such a scenario, Network VAPT and network security penetration testing should be implemented.

We have worked as a Network security testing company in India with many clients in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon. The main focus during Network security testing is on recognizing network-level flaws such as Misconfigurations, Wireless network vulnerabilities, rogue services, Product-specific vulnerabilities, weak protocols as well as passwords. As one of the best Cyber Security companies in India , we are committed to your network security needs with the best tools and resources.

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Service Focus

  • Network Testing
  • Network VAPT
  • Network Security Compliance

What happens in Penetration Testing and how long does it take ?

Penetration testing in the most basic terms will be a simulated cyber attack on your systems which can include Websites, web applications, API’s and network. It should ideally include both automated and manual processes. the Penetration Testing process starts with Planning and Preparation, continues with Discovery, moves on to Penetration Attempts and Exploit, Analysis and Reporting, Cleanup and Remediation and Re-test. Pen Testers should remove artifacts and backdoors if any made obvious during the simulation so that they are not leveraged. Typically you’d do Penetration Testing if you’re reasonably sure your cyber security controls have matured and Vulnerability assessment has already been done and worked on. So they can and should be done in conjunction one after the other.

What happens in a typical VAPT Audit conducted by you ?

We’ve discussed about Penetration Testing above. A VAPT Audit will also include Vulnerability Assessment which includes scanning of systems, manual overview and analysis, focus on your internal network, servers, applications before exposing them to a simulated attack through PT. A VAPT audit delivers reports such as Executive Report, Technical report and real-time dashboards.

What happens in a Network Testing Assignment ?

Network Testing should include both Network Security Testing and Network Penetration Testing. Networks are increasingly prone to cyber-attack so need to be secured properly. Various approaches such as Black Box, White Box and Grey box can be used for Network Testing. Tools such as Acunetix etc. can be used. All network devices, LAN, even wireless access etc. is tested during this process.

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